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Ultimate Thought Leadership & Viral Activist Platform

(Likes & shares don’t win elections, nor turn fans into an activated viral community that produces new leaders for your cause & grows the organization on its own.) Websites + Funnels + Autoresponder + Campaign Planner + Social Publisher + Grassroots Organizer CRM + Wiki Idea/Current Event/News/Policy & Idea Anatomy Debate Genome Mapping. 

STOP Posting Normal FB News Articles and Expecting Anything to Change! Be a Viral Activist or Thought Leader Instead Convert People to Your Worldview Beliefs, At Scale Turn Members or Fans Into Your Viral Activism Organization

STOP Posting FB News Articles and Expecting Anything to Change! Instead Be a Viral Activist or Thought Leader.

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Convert People to Your Worldview Beliefs, At Scale

Build Your Viral Activism Organization

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The Only Way To Build a Viral Activist Army At Scale

You Have To Have an “Idea Conversion Funnel” & “Thought Leadership Blog”  to Convert Prospects Off Facebook Into Being Viral Activists.

Vote For Each Idea, Government Action & Cause

Use your mass influence and viral community to You can actually have an impact now! Not just give a meaningless Like or Share a Post again. 

You can give an official citizen vote that is sent directly to local and federal elected officials.

Does Your Group or Following Not Do Anything or Achieve Any Specific Initiative? Have They Stoped Growing Organically?

The Viral Community and Viral Activism Strategies turn your followers or stagnate members into circle leaders, nano-influencers, viral activists.  

Viral Activist and Influencers Can Earn Points and Money By Campaigning for Causes and Big Ideas


Want to Avoid Censorship, But Still Capitalize on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube?
The Viral Thought Leadership Strategy Solves This.

It Unites Your Own Thought Leadership Blog With All Social Networks.


Want to move beyond likes and shares? Do you want to build not just a following, but a viral organization that actually accomplishes strategic goals for your bigger ideas and causes?

Viral Activist & Thought Leadership Strategies Take You to the Highest Level of Digital Marketing, Thought Leadership and Campaign Strategies


Turn Your YouTube, FB Live, or Podcast Show Notes and Main Points into Concrete Viral Activism Campaign for the Ideas


The Only Way To Build a Viral Activist Army At Scale

To win the persuasion game, you have to have an “Idea Conversion Funnel” & “Thought Leadership Blog”  to convert prospects off Facebook into being Viral Activists.

This is a Social Network Built Custom For Thought Leaders & Viral Activists... You will see, it will blow your mind of what is possible for (1) mapping ideas, (2) eradicating the need for any censorship ever, because it forces the author to show the reasons, and it links the support for those reasons. Then it shows each proposition in context of opposing views.

It solves the need to follow-up an re-engage your prospects; and it takes them through idea conversion funnels addressing the underlying worldview questions, as if you were to engage them in masterful socratic dialogue, even if you or your team would have no idea how to do so.

This Is Not Fan Club of Influencers -- Its An Viral Activism Command Center

Current Debate is a
viral activism campaign tool
& thought leadership blog.

It plugs into every social network and unites them.

It's the thought leaders website & home for their viral activists.

It's the central hub for all the influencer's news aggregation and thought leadership work.

It's where you turn followers into a viral community & viral campaign.

Normally a news posts send a viewer off to another person’s news site.

Current Debate turns the thought leader’s post into a lead magnet.

Instead of just reading the headline on social and liking it. Current Debate hooks the reader to come to the thought leader’s blog.

Then, it turns them into members, and activated them into viral activists.

Current Debate turn “news posts” and meaningless “likes” into an activation engine.

Then it takes the activated follower and gives them a path through which to grow, and become a “viral activist.”

What Do You Do With Cool People You Meet?

What does a person do when they meet someone that is passionate? How do they nurture them into being a fully activated? Often one meets too many people to build relationship with them all. So, many fall through the cracks and many need incubation time. 

Enter the “Relationship Incubation and Activation” tool. Warm them up to want to believe in your big worldview ideas.

Now, Make Them Part of Your Viral Activist Network

You can warm prospects up at scale, till they are ready to talk with you and ready to believe your big worldview ideas.

You can then graduate them to higher levels of activism, at scale.

Viral activists, then grow their own networks within the larger movement of their thought leaders!

Viral Activists then earn points and money for the work that they do for the cause, the influencers, the think tanks and campaigns.

Members and Viral Activists financially support and partner with thought leaders and influencers, as they both work together to win votes for ideas, causes, big ideas and campaigns. 

Join the Viral Activist Circles For Your Favorite Influencers & Authors!

Or, Create Your Thought Leadership Blog & Network

Then Build an Unstoppable Viral Activist Army That Grows Exponentially!

"I'll Never Listen To Anything By That Thought Leader"

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Lead a Person Through a Socratic Dialectic Conversion Funnel

The power of third party authority is unmatched in helping someone get around their biases. 1-to-1 chatting will never do it.

But if you can bring your prospect through an idea conversion funnel that is not just you chatting with them and hitting against their relational bias limitation, then you have a winner.

Be a Thought Leader and Viral Activist in the Digital Age.

Defeat Big Tech, Big Media, and Big Academia's Hegemony Over the Airwaves & People's Minds.

See the Current Debate of the News (the anatomy of the news)

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Next Level of Activism:

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Big Debates, Big Ideas -- See Arguments for Each Claim

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Think this is really cool? Want to learn more about how you can win your campaign for ideas and build an army

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The Ultimate Thought Leadership Platform

The Best Way To Describe Your Theory Explaining of What's Happening in the World.

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