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The only reasons that a mask would help is if Covid is is transmitted through spit particles. A mask only prevents spit from flying out of your mouth and landing on the subject right in front of your face — like a surgeon leans over an open wound, with 1 foot.

If Covid is airborne, then that means it is a gas and is going to disperse just like propane, smoke, a biological gas attack, or any other gas. However, if it is gas, then a mask won’t help you a bit, because air (and the airborne gas) will go right around the mask (even a N95) — in fact any where they you are breathing air near the “gas” virus, you will be breathing it in. An N95 mask is not a gas mask and those devices are the only things that filter out gas particles from the air.

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In sum a mask is useless to prevent an air borne pathogen, which the main reasons for which people wear them when not over looking an open wound.

Masks only prevent spit droplets from flying out of your mouth onto someone else.

But if droplets were going to fly out of a person’s mouth then they would not become aerosolized and thus become gas or vapor in the air and fly around like smoke or gas. No, instead, the droplets (consisting mostly of water) would fall directly to the ground, like all rain (water) does.

Therefore, the very reason that a person could wear a mask to do any good, namely prevent spit from flying out of your mouth, is only helpful if you are over an open wound, or directly over someone’s open mouth or face — such that your breath and spit would fly into their face.

Again Covid is not air borne, it is only passed through droplets. … Furthermore, if it were airborne, then a “mask” would not help you because it is not airtight around your face — no cloth or N95 mask is air0tight like that. Only a gas mask or hazmat suit is air tight, and suitable for an airborne pathogen.

Masks are useless against airborne pathogens. And they unneeded to prevent spit transmissions, in all cases except directly in front of someone’s face, such that spit and breath will fly into their nose and eyes.


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